Genioplasty surgery is a cosmetic surgery that focuses on repositioning and reshaping the chin to get your facial features aligned well. Your chin has a great impact on how you look, and if not positioned well is often an embarrassment. So genioplasty surgery is done to correct those deformities to enhance the overall facial structure. It can be both surgical and non-surgical depending on the requirements and is performed by plastic or maxillofacial surgeons. Fat or fillers are used in the non-surgical procedure to augment your facial contours.

Genioplasty has improved drastically with more people inclining towards medical help to embellish their looks.

One of the popular types of genioplasty is Sliding Genioplasty Surgery. Where is done in extreme cases where the chin is either protruded or pushed back way too much compared to the size of the face. A strict dietary needs to be followed post-surgery so as not to put a lot of strain on the wounds.