Skin Tightening

Restore lost body contour with non-surgical skin tightening treatments in Hanamkonda

With increasing age, many factors take a toll on our bodies. We see changes in overall body shape and tend to lose our confidence as our skin loses elasticity and becomes saggy. When it comes to women, they experience a drastic change in their figure mostly post-pregnancy. But, thanks to advanced technology which has extensive options for aesthetic problems other than surgical techniques.

Non-invasive breast lift procedure in Hanamkonda

Women's breasts go into a major change, especially after pregnancy. With age, the breast becomes less elastic and begins to stretch and this affects the overall body shape. We offer non-invasive treatments for the restoration of skin. And this procedure helps to give fuller and firmer breasts by enhancing the breast safely without any incision. Few non-surgical breast lift techniques are safe and tighten the skin.

Vampire breast lift:

The treatment is performed as PRP (Platelet Rich- Plasma). It is a method of extracting blood cells (platelets) from the patient's body and injecting it into the breasts for a slight lift. It is a safe procedure and has yielded positive results for many of our patients.

Thread lift:

Thread lift is another procedure that enhances sagging breasts by stimulating collagen production and thereby tightens the skin at the breast.


High-intensity is another method that focused ultrasound is a unique treatment that uses ultrasound to tighten the sagging skin. Ultrasound penetrates to the deep layer of skin and triggers collagen production and increases skin elasticity without any side effects.